Public Speaking

Public Speaking is the ability that a person has in conveying or presenting a topic in public. One can convey information clearly in front of the audience by mastering and applying the right speaking techniques. The most important point of public speaking skills is how a person can speak well and structured so that the ideas he wants to convey can be easily understood by many people. In addition to relying on how to communicate, this skill also needs to be accompanied by the right level of self-confidence. A good demeanor can help the audience feel comfortable in your performance when delivering something. This confidence will also lead the speaker or the speaker to have the right body language.

Public Speaking Objectives:

  1. Conveying motivation
  2. Informing something
  3. Influence the audience
  4. Controlling the situation
  5. Entertaining the audience

Benefits of Public Speaking:

  1. Increase self-confidence
  2. Business capital
  3. Cultivate leadership skills
  4. Easy to get along with
  5. Convey ideas smoothly
  6. Increase knowledge

How to Public Speaking:

  1. Make careful preparations
  2. Gives a good impression in the first 10 seconds
  3. Build self-confidence
  4. Creating good body gestures
  5. Doing to get used to it

Public Speaking :

  1. The outputs are made in the form of videos with a duration of 10-15 minutes.
  2. The video must be completely in English and must not discuss 4 things, the thing is Sex, Religion, Race, and Politics (SARA).

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